Cost To Climb K2 Mountain

In 1856, while surveying the peaks of the Karakorum Range in northwest Pakistan, Thomas Montgomerie spotted two gigantic, towering mountains and named them K1 (Karakorum 1) and K2. Most mountains are eventually given “real names” – after the original surveyor, a nearby location, a geographical feature, or a religious symbol. K1 eventually became Masherbrum. Later on, K3 was named Broad Peak, for its massively broad base. But K2 isn’t visible from any town or village and, although known locally as Choghori, it has retained its original surveying name. At 28,251 feet (8611m) K2 is the world’s 2nd highest mountain and is so difficult and dangerous to climb that it has earned the nickname “the Savage Mountain.”

K2 has a well-earned reputation for extreme and horrible weather. Weather prediction on Everest is high-tech and reliable – a lifesaving tool available to the many climbers who crowd its slopes each season. K2, on the other hand, experiences intense and unpredictable storms, high winds, blizzards, and then avalanche danger once the storm clears. There are ten routes on K2 and even the most well-known of them, the Abruzzi Spur, requires a much higher degree of technical expertise than Everest. The mountain is bitterly cold, incredibly remote, and lonely. There is no party atmosphere at Base Camp, and if you get in trouble, it is unlikely that another team will be available to help you.

Since it was first climbed in 1954, 281 climbers have stood on the summit. Tragically, 59 have died, mostly on descent. A remarkable season in 2007 saw 130 climbers from 16 expeditions attempt K2. Of those, 29 climbers (from eight expeditions) reached the top, while two climbers died.

Gear And Clothing

Those who attempt K2 are seasoned, experienced, high-altitude climbers who have probably summitted of other 8,000-meter peaks. Many who try to climb K2 have already climbed Everest, and are actually searching for a greater challenge. Gear needed for K2 is similar to that of an Everest expedition. (See What It Costs For Expedition Gear and Clothing)


Be sure your routine vaccinations are up to date. Check with your doctor and take along anti-malaria drugs. Consider vaccinations for hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, and polio (there is a form of wild polio in Pakistan and adjacent countries).

Passports and Visas: $165+

You will need an up-to-date passport to apply for your tourist visa ($120) plus a $45 service fee.

When To Go

The best time to climb K2 is from early June to August. The expedition takes around 65 days; extra if you plan to climb neighboring Broad Peak (8047m) to get acclimatized. Allow 72 days to climb both peaks.

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