Cost For Whitewater Rafting

Most people wear a bathing suit and t-shirt for a white water rafting trip. If the air is cool, you might also add some layers for extra insulation. Your best bet is to steer away from jeans and cotton sweat pants and shirts, since when wet they won’t provide any warmth. Instead, clothing made polar fleece, polypropylene, nylon or polyester will be better choices. Most whitewater rivers also provide splash jackets and pants to keep you dry, and they may also offer wetsuits for rent. You’ll also need secure footwear that won’t be ruined when it gets wet. Sneakers, wetsuit booties or athletic sandals can be good picks. You will also need a life jacket, which most whitewater rivers will provide. This essential in case your whitewater raft tips over or you get thrown out as you go along.

Most whitewater rafting tour companies suggest you leave cameras and camcorders home, since they can get ruined as you run the rapids. Many whitewater rafting tours offer a professional filming your run which you can purchase a video or photo of the experience without having to risk your own equipment.

Cost For Whitewater Rafting

The cost for whitewater rafting depends on many factors. The classification of river you select, how large a tour you join, how long the tour lasts and what’s included will all affect the price. For instance, some whitewater rafting tours include food, while others will require you to bring your own picnic. In addition, whitewater rafting prices are usually lower on weekdays and can increase by as much as 10 to 20 percent on the weekends.

With these factors in mind, here are some ideas of what to expect for whitewater rafting prices:

  • A half-day whitewater rafting trip costs between $60 and $100.
  • A full-day whitewater rafting trip costs about $125+.
  • A two-day whitewater rafting trip cost starts at about $200, usually with a few meals and camping included.
  • The whitewater rafting prices normally increase for more difficult rivers and/or more remote settings. For instance, a one-day trip in Costa Rica costs about $300 a person, while a two day version of this trip can cost about $500. A whitewater rafting expedition in Alaska can cost from $1,450 per person for 3 days to $2,400 for 6 days.

So, you can expect the price for a whitewater rafting adventure to cost between $60 (for a few hours of whitewater rafting) to $2,400 (for a week-long excursion).


If you’re organizing a group of family, friends and co-workers for a whitewater rafting trip, it’s worth asking the tour company if they offer discounts for a large group. Some will give you a percentage off or will offer a free tour for the person organizing the whitewater rafting trip. Some whitewater rafting companies also offer a discounted rate for children.

Safety Concerns

While whitewater rafting can prove to be an exciting and rewarding activity, it also carries some risk. It’s important to listen to your tour guide and be prepared to follow all of the recommended protocols for the safest and most enjoyable experience.

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2011

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